49ers history: 2nd time to start season 0-6. First: 1979 Joe Montana & Bill Walsh's 1st years

Bill Walsh and the 49ers started 1979 with 6 straight losses

No, Kyle Shanahan is not the second coming of Coach Walsh, nor is CJ Beathard the next "Joe Montana."

But let's be patient Niner Faithful.  The 49ers went 2-14, 2-14, then 6-10, before going 13-3 in Joe Montana's first full season as a starter in 1981.

Of course the 49ers' 1981 draft haul had a lot to do with the winning season and Super Bowl victory that year: future Hall-of-Famer Ronnie Lott (8th overall pick), John Harty (2nd round, 36th overall pick), Carlton Williamson (2nd round, 40th overall pick), Carlton Williamson (3rd round, 65th overall pick).

Yes, our 49ers' losses will pile up. But our draft slot will also rise.

Let's let our GM John Lynch do his thing.  A great football mind and a Stanford guy like Bill Walsh, I'm sure he's studied the master's moves.  We need to build through the draft -- and that will take time.

Stay faithful!
Joe Montana chats with Coach Bill Walsh during the 1979 training camp. Montana briefly wore jersey #19 in 1979.

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